February 29, 2008
Greensleeves celebrates 1st anniversary with free dry cleaning
and introduces bio-degradables poly

By: Thomas C. Davis Jr

Greensleeves, The Green Dry Cleaner, offers free dry cleaning and increases its environmentally safe packaging materials.

Glen Cove, NY February 27, 2008 — Trend setting Greensleeves Garment Care, known as “The Green Dry Cleaner” is celebrating its first year anniversary with a free dry cleaning give-away.

“We want people to try a new kind of dry cleaning, and we will do it for free!” says Thomas Davis, professional dry cleaner and one of the owners of Greensleeves.

This new dry cleaning is a silicone based cleaning solvent that is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Licensed under the name GreenEarth Cleaning, it is odorless and actually softens as it cleans.

Greensleeves is also a professional wet cleaner, utilizing water in sophisticated cleaning processes for “dry clean only” garments. Considered the most environmentally friendly method of cleaning, wet cleaning is growing in popularity across the country.

“Once people get over their fear of trying a new method of cleaning, they are amazed at the results,” Davis elaborates. “Colors are brighter and there is no chemical smell.”

Adding to their line up of environmentally safe features, such as hangers made from recycled paper, Greensleeves is adding bio-degradable poly to their packaging. Made by Pine Valley Polymers, this plastic packaging, once the bane of the environmentally conscious, will break down in less than two years without giving off methane gas.

Greensleeves has been recognized previously for other “free” programs, such as an on-going free dry cleaning for active military personnel and free cleaning of the American Flag for anyone that brings it in to be cleaned. Living the Green Way, an environmental blog is maintained by Greensleeves.

On Saturday March 1st, Greensleeves will be accepting one garment at its Glen Cove New York store at 87 Forest Avenue for free cleaning all day.


“Once people get over their fear of trying a new method of cleaning, they are amazed at the results”

January 2, 2008
Success in the bag
By: Patrick Mangion

It is a process most of us have repeated many times over picking up your dry cleaning and tossing away the plastic bag moments after arriving home.

Now, a Vaughan company is poised to revolutionize North America’s dry cleaning industry with its Back to Earth brand, expected to make its debut at your local dry cleaners as early as this month.

At a non-descript plant in a Woodbridge industrial area, Pine Valley Polymers Inc. churns out a seemingly endless supply of clear, thin plastic.

But it isn’t the speed and consistency that has Pine Valley Polymer National Sales & Marketing Manager Allan Aucoin excited these days.

“As consumers, we now have another choice to be proactive when it comes to how we care for our planet. For the sake of our children and future generations, consumers now have an opportunity to help the environment by using degradable plastic bags,” he said.

The company expects to do for the garment and commercial food industries what Loblaws did for the demise of the demonized grocery bag: that is to manufacture bags that do away with plastic and the almost 400 years it requires to break down in landfills.

Instead, the company will offer bags that seem the same as plastic to consumers, but break down in about two years and only cost five to 12 per cent more to produce.

‘As consumers, we now have another choiceto be proactive when it comes to how we care for our planet.’

The technology will turn several industries on its ear, Mr. Aucoin said, adding the technology used to make oxo-biodegradable bags has existed for seven years but only launched in Canada eight months ago.

The company’s Back to Earth bags break down much faster, simply by adding a tiny amount of special, patented resin — brown pellets that look like small pieces of pasta.

A typical household garbage bag made from the Back to Earth process would break down into a small pile of biomass granuals that could fill a coffee mug.

The company can control how quickly a bag breaks down by how much special resin is added. They work with each of their customers to determine their supply needs.

Dry cleaners usually require bags that break down in a matter of months, while clients in the food industry want bags that can last several years.

Fickle consumers such as those in the garment industry pose a particular challenge, Mr. Aucoin said.

“Grocery bags are the low hanging fruit. They’re the most visible, but they represent a minute part of the plastic used in the world,” he said.

Unlike the grocery industry, where a re-usable bag campaign is gaining traction, people don’t want to re-use bags for their dry cleaning, Mr. Aucoin said.

But it is important to realize even environmentally friendly products can require vast amounts of energy to create, said Aaron Freeman, policy director for Environmental Defence.

“Why not? There’s no reason it wouldn’t work. People are changing their behaviour all the time. Twenty years ago, no one was recycling.”

"..People are changing their behaviour all the time.
Twenty years ago, no one was recycling.."

April, 2004
Zohar Group among 3 finalist for the Galea Awards!

The Gala evening was held April 17, 2004. This was an evening for close to 400 decision makers
to get together and honor many companies.

These companies were recognized for their excellence achieved through difficult struggles and
daring, ingenious choices.

We were honored to be among the 3 finalist for the Galea Awards in the category of SMB.

Serge Aflalo (President of Zohar Plastiques), Odette Mercier (Executive Director ACIP Quebec),
Serge Lavoie (President of ACIP National).

Photo by Yvon Latreille

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